Friday, August 22, 2008

where we'll be: 3:45 & 'B' street

This just in... (the group we're camping with is named Harmony, or Harmony in the Desert, FYI...)

"If you happen to be coming in at night, you'll see a huge beamer light coming off the top of our truss (smaller than some we have, but think luxor and visible from accross the playa), and colored lights just above the parachute... otherwise we shouldn't be too hard to find during the day if you remember 3:45 and B. We have a big green parachute (but there are a few others around also), 2 converted school busses, oh yeah, and look for all the lawn swings! (A number of our campmates have lawn swings as art cars... if you see anyone driving a swing out there - they are probably one of us!)"


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