Monday, August 04, 2008

The Shrine Begins To Take Shape

Truman and Drew above, Tim McGinnis and MC below

One more week left to contribute drawings! For info-scroll down a few posts.
A huge day forward for the shrine! MC and crew ( his son Truman, Tim McGinniss, and Truman's band-mate Drew) totally rocked it out back, and after a long day, the shrine is taking shape.
Concurrently, we had another drawing party and Lori, Thomas, Olivia, their friend Joe, and David, Sandra Maresca, and Drew's mom, Ruthie all contributed some fine drawings. And while I didn't manage to get any drawing time in, Lisa continued to supply some really nice pieces. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!
Also, Jason D'Aquino sent us some amazing images. We're still tweaking them a bit to get them to stand out, so I'll post a few soon.
the drill team
here's the view from our gracious neighbor Catherine's back yard looking toward the back of Lisa's and my studio. We figure when it's all done it'll stand a foot and a half taller than our 15 foot tall studio. Yikes!
Two Art Farmers--David Aguayo (who has been such a great help on this project) and Ruthie.
Lori and Sandra Maresca also hard at work at the drawing. No pictures this time of Thomas and Olivia, but they also added more of their magic.


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