Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two Days Left!!

How time flies when yer havin' fun. Um, it also flies when you're about a week behind on a project that has only two more days left, but, whatever. It'll get there.Our newest Art Farmer, Else Olava, a very talented and dedicated (!) artist. Talk about good luck.Nadise Whiteside, a graphic artist in Occidental, heard about the project and stopped by to help. Thanks Nadise! And the ever awesome Michael Coy is seen in the background-but where's the ever awesome Tim McGinniss? He's there somewhere.Else continues her "Fortuna" siding painting.and I finally make some (slow) progress on our actual goddess. Take your time Tony, you've got a whole day left.


Blogger Deborah Kelly said...

I love your art,it feels real and alive. I first saw your work when I was at burning man in 2008. I just found your site and am looking forward to following you.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Peter Cummins said...

Wow is just the simple word that may explain that how much I liked it. It was nicely stuffed with the material I was looking for. It’s great to be here though by chance.
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10:55 PM  

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