Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Drawing Day!

It's Five in the morning on the last drawing day before I begin the portrait painting.

Went over to Bob and Rebecca's for a reunion Monday Night Dinner--both to celebrate Rebecca's 40th B/day, as well as the temporary return of Anna! Of course-as promised, I got most of those in attendance to do a drawing --so thanks one and all (Bob, Rebecca, Ted and John, Anna, Erik, Claire and Gary, Prentiss, Leonardo, ...did I miss anyone?)

Jaclyn and David and Drew came over again, as well as two friends of Jaclyn's, Stacey and Sarah. Thanks to you all! And of course, MC and Tim, continuing the progress on the shrine itself. Tim and Drew worked until dusk--I'll get a good shot of the shrine tomorrow...
And here's a progress shot of Lisa's top plywood skirting. This is gonna look great!
And the shot from the studio just a short while ago. Click to enlarge.


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