Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1st Art Farm Gathering

(If you are new here and/or wish to see guidelines for contributing artwork to this project, scroll down to previous post)

Well, things are slowly ramping up here--had our first drawing party last Sunday (remember; drawing parties now every Wed. and Sunday from 2:00 on for next three weeks). Still haven't cut and glued in any new drawings-but here's a few shots.
Thanks MC and Phyxx and Lori and Thomas and Olivia! Also huge thanks to MJ Lindo (from Art Start). Where are the other awesome Art Starters? OK-you probably needed a week off.
above is Lori Almeida, MC, and me (Tony). Next to me is a smaller Art Farm piece still under way.
Lori's cool hand
After the drawing party.


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