Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Hope or Fear" on Magazine Cover!

(click image for enlargement)
The East Bay Monthly has put this detail from "Hope or Fear" on their May cover. Looks nice!


Blogger Vesta Copestakes said...

My sweetheart Alan saw parts of your shrine while visiting during China's B-Day party. I was working on the Gazette - of course - and missed the whole thing. Pity, I may never see your group creation. I heard through Alan that the shrine will not make an appearance in Graton for Graton Day after all. And from the story he told, I can understand why.

I am immensely impressed with artists - once many years ago, I considered myself one. But even in graphic design, there is mania for the creative process and meeting the deadline. Your story is impressive - thank you for sharing it. There is more than likely a compromise between your immense creativity and talent and the realities of life.

I suspect all that will clear up over time. You are young. I know from time passed - that so many things become calmer and more clear with time.

Thank you for being one of those astonishing individuals - and groups of individuals - who cling to the end of the bell curve by the tips of your fingers.- Vesta

10:26 PM  

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