Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thanks and How About Some Pictures?

Huge thanks to every one!-- you are all making something that should not be possible actually happen. This thing is going to stretch alot of people's heads in Black Rock City.
In the category of drawing contributions specifically-- Big, HUGE thanks this week to Erik Friedman (dude-- seriously-- you rock. I can't wait to see your and Emma's show in October), and speaking of-- thank you Emma for your amazing contribution-- so, when do you sleep?-- , thanks also very mucho Jennybird-- they're really great. You kicked such ass last year at the Fun-House!, Nancy Speir-- my evil wait, I'm the evil twin...,William Smith (very cool, -- I still kick myself for not buying that great bumble bee at Roshambo), oh right, how could I forget-- from Minnosota -- Neng Yang. Neng, Lisa and I were pretty floored when we got your package. They're all great-- thanks tons. Oh-- a belated big thanks and greetings to Judith Selby Lang-- (are you going out this year? --Lisa and I would love to meet you). Very nice drawings--and it looks like you do all sorts of other cool art-things. Lisa collects colored beach plastic too. And also belated thanks to Mike Terry --again, still. Mike, you gotta lotta 'splainin' to do.
Oh-- and I never thanked Ross Campbell, so I finally will. When you see his pieces-- they are just so good. Totally raises the bar. Anyway-- go buy his 2 new books-- "Wet Moon 2" and also, well I really loved "The Abandoned". It's pretty brutal-- but a good zombie comic should be, right?
But maybe the biggest thanks this week goes to Joe Leonard. Joe-- you literally saved the day. your drawings and designs are so huge to this project, anyway-- thanks again-- and can't wait for you to see the finished project.
(And Lisa and I can't wait to see it too.)
Well, here's where we are with about ten days to go....
The game board last night
the two portrait walls
a shot looking from the doors, almost from outside


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