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Art Farm's 2006 Burning Man Project- Call to Artists

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DEADLINE EXTENDED-AUG 10TH: DO YOU DRAW, SKETCH, CARTOON, or DOODLE creatures or things that could haunt or inspire? What are the images that come to mind when you imagine THE FUTURE? Is your sketchbook bursting with monsters from the id that you’d like to unleash on the world? You are invited to contribute drawings or copies of your drawings to a huge art installation to be seen first by tens of thousands of people at the Burningman festival, and later at other art events in northern California. The Art Farm Collective aim to create fantastic, strange and beautiful dreamscapes by collaging together hundreds of overlapping, intertwined images drawn by many dozens of different people. Last year's project, called HEADGAMES, is shown here: (click on each image to enlarge)
(This first picture was taken by our Easel Park camp-mate Don Jackson. Pictured are Lisa and Tony)

This years project, called the GAME OF HOPE or FEAR (formerly "This Game Of Life"), is much larger, so even more drawings are needed. Here is a mockup of their new project:

HOW TO PARTICIPATE? The Art Farm Folks are looking for images that can somehow tie into the theme of "Hope & Fear, the Future" but almost anything you can imagine might qualify. If you are have a sketchbook or computer chock full of dreams, demons, of premonitions of our future, they would love to have them faxed, emailed or sent to:

email jpeg images or questions to Tony at
mail copies (or originals if you can part with them) to: Art Farm Motel 211 Donald St. Graton, Calif. 95444
fax 510/559-9994
call for questions: 510/295-7529

Anything sent thru fax or email will be printed on plain white 8 1/2 x 11 paper and trimmed to the edge of the drawing. Signatures will not be included, but somewhere on the piece they'd like to put your name, city, state or country, and any web info if you'd like. The images that will work best for this type of work are black & white pen and ink, pencil or fixed charcoal drawings. Bold lines and images work, faint or pale images won't work. Color sketches will be taken down to a grey scale. Images from last year's piece might guide you, HEADGAMES DETAIL PHOTOS:
(here's a slight close-up; click this one and you'll really start to see what they're heading for)

(and a few really close-up shots of some of the different drawings, including some that were collaged in)

NOTES ON PAPER & SIZES for ORIGINAL DRAWINGS to be sent or dropped by the studio: Paper: should be white or slightly off-white and should be pretty light weight (so they can cut it out easily) but not too light weight since they don't want it to buckle when it's glued down (copier paper is great).

More details on the concept behind and construction of THE GAME OF HOPE or FEAR are given here by Tony:

Three walls, each about 8' tall, the center wall about 15' long and the two flanking walls about 12' long. The center wall is to be a giant gameboard, spelling out "Hope or Fear" within the outline of a giant serpent. Flanking this center gameboard wall will be two portraits-one of a young girl and the other a young boy-each representing "the future", as well as the "players" in the game. (The idea is to convey in their youthful faces the hope and dreams, and perhaps trepidation, of the future.) These portraits will be encroached from the outside of each wall by a group of dark and perhaps menacing birds-large birds-probably ravens. These will be to represent mystery and uncertainty, and perhaps fear. And floating over the portrait images will be several game wheels (the two smaller ones non-spinning) to represent the game-of-chance aspect to our young players' lives.
The game so far is fairly basic in concept--spin the wheel and advance (or go back) until the first player reaches the end. On each of the portrait walls is another large wheel that either says "hope" or "fear". Maybe these play some part in the game-? It's really more a "journey-is-the-destination kind of deal, y'know? Perhaps once installed participants will invent their own rules-which we are the types to encourage.

Now, if people have ideas concerning the main design elements-or aspects of the game itself-we definitely welcome them. Our main interest, though, will be the background drawings. We want to cover the background of all three walls (with the exception of the game wheel designs and the game path) with, well, we estimate we'll need well over 1,000 drawings-and even if the core group of half a dozen or so artists could manage it, we just know it's going to be so much better to get as many ideas and artists involved as we can.
Well alright-thanks for checking us out, and we hope to hear from you soon.


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