Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Um, hey that's alot of drawings...

Wow-people have been AMAZING! Drawings are coming in faster than I can glue them down (and almost as fast as I can type).I'm's getting hard to focus there's so many drawings. But keep 'em coming if you've got 'em. New deadline is Aug 10th if you send 'em or the 12th if you drop on by (and speaking of, remember-drawing party this Sunday the 6th and then the following Sat the 12th. Both starting around 4 or 5 (you choose). Call or e-mail for directions or questions-824-1587 (707) or
So, it's late-I'll write more tomorrow and mention some particularly amazing art and artists-but for now thanks to all who've sent or contributed drawings so far-it's taken some turns I could not have forseen-but that's part of the fun-and though there's still plenty of work (tons!) to do in the next 2 and a half weeks-It's definitely getting there. Here's some more quick pictures-view of the two portrait walls the girl's wall. Just getting started-hopefully by next week she'll have more drawings than... the boy's wall, which hopefully by next week will almost be done.


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