Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saturday Night Drawing (etc) Party

1) Gary Amaro really starts to breathe life into his ravens. (Gary, these are such a huge part of this-we only hope we can do them proud with whatever work we manage on them.)

2) Julian Farmer-Bowers & Marcel Patzwald check -out some resource books. These two came courtesy of our friend Mary Vaughn (check out her great paintings at from the summer ArtStart program. (Mary was here this weekend too, and brought by photographer Barbara Elliott and artist Mario Uribe and his wife to see and contribute to the piece but I did'nt have the camera then).
These two, Julian and Marcel-along with fellow Art Starters, Adam & Chris, really gave us some great drawings. These guys have so much innate talent and I don't think one of them has hit twenty yet (oh wait, Chris is 21 but Marcel's still in High School)- Amazing. Thank you for being part of this!

3) Lori Almeida & Claire Cotts (& Thomas Yeats) draw. Thomas gave us another of the piece's highlights with his "mer-deer" and Lori and Claire also did some great drawings.

4) Suzanna (aka Bell) surveys the scene (and hey-it's Michael Coy there in the background! We're hoping he'll be in the foreground soon.)

5) Olivia winds down, near the end.

6) Adam, another of Mary Vaughan's ArtStart students, dropped by the next day and besides doing some great drawing, filled me with total envy over the rock concerts he's been to in the last year or two.


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